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Casting types

Sometimes we have a certain type, but want to cast it to another type at compile-time. This can be done using the as keyword, like so:

expression as TypeName

For example, let's say we want to cast a String to a ToString, a trait implemented by String. We can do this as follows:

import std::conversion::ToString

'hello' as ToString

The inverse is also possible:

import std::conversion::ToString

let value = 'hello' as ToString

value as String

Casting an class instance to a trait instance, or a trait instance to a class instance, only works if the class implements the trait. Thus, this is not valid:

trait NotImplemented {}

'hello' as NotImplemented

Casting a trait to another trait is only possible if the target trait is required by the source trait. For example:

trait A {}
trait B {}
trait C: B {}

def example1(thing: C) {
  thing as B # This is valid, because C requires B to be implemented

def example2(thing: B) {
  thing as A # This is invalid, because A is not required by B