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Using Inko

Inko provides the command line executable inko. This executable is used for both compiling and running Inko source code.

Compiling and running

To compile and then run a file, use the inko run command:

inko run hello.inko

This command is useful when running simple scripts or during the development of your project. If your program defines any command line flags, specify them after the file to run:

inko run hello.inko --foo=bar

Any flags specified before the file to run are treated as flags for the run command.

Compiling without running

For deployments it's best to separate the two stages, as this removes the need for deploying your source code. To compile (but not run) a file, run the following:

inko build hello.inko

The resulting bytecode file is located at ./hello.ibi, which you can run as follows:

inko run hello.ibi

You can specify an alternative output path using the -o option:

inko build -o /tmp/hello.ibi hello.inko

For more information, run inko --help.